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new vid up: "Superstar"

This is the vid that ate my life. Now it is done. I am tired.

It's another Faith vid, but considerably different (I hope) from "Come On" — visually if not thematically. I had to use a few of the same clips, but for the most part I tried to use scenes I didn't use last time around.

I think I ended up getting the feel I was aiming for, although the details of the plan changed approximately 7,839 times as I struggled to 1) let go of narrative and 2) think about motion. My goal, as I ended up articulating it, was to make a vid that could be used at VividCon to talk about movement. I don't know if I managed that, but it was a damn fine heuristic.

So head on over to and check it out. Comments welcome, as always, either here or via e-mail.

Extra-special thanks with chocolate sauce and a cherry on top to renenet , who's been encouraging this vid since I played her the song at VividCon last year, who gave me even more beta comments than usual, and who told me to get sockkpuppett and sisabet on board as secondary betas. Thanks to both of them for thoughtful comments (about both thematic and technical issues) on short notice, and for being generally inspirational. This vid could not exist in its current form without "Closer."

I love how, even when it's ostensibly just me-alone-at-my-computer, vidding is a fundamentally collaborative or dialogic process for me, in the same way that writing is. Thanks to all who helped.

password: knife

Next up: actually working on the dissertation. Shit. No wonder I've been letting this vid take over my brain.

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