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new vid: "The Test" (Star Trek, reboot + TOS)

There is so much I want to say about this vid, but right now I am just gonna post and hope that the vid speaks for itself, 'cause wow, I am tired.

The Test
source: Star Trek reboot (plus bonus TOS)
music: The Chemical Brothers feat. Richard Ashcroft
summary: Now I think I see the light. Kirk, K/S.

download (XviD, 31 MB). I recommend VLC media player if you don't have it already.

Thanks to renenet for betaing, as always, but also for watching TOS with me and supporting me as I tried new things and breaking it to me gently when some of the new things didn't work and talking me down off all my usual ledges and several unfamiliar ones; deathisyourart, for encouraging and enabling; fan_eunice, for being the best cheerleader a girl could ever have, even though it's not her 'ship in either 'verse; pipsqueaky and sweetestdrain, for chatting with me about Kirk's favorite sex toys; f1renze, for giving the timing a last-minute once-over; and everyone who sat still for the drafts I foisted on people in person at VividCon and online ever since.

But the biggest thanks this time around go to killabeez, who watched the early draft at VividCon and talked with me about TOS and the reboot and sent me a list of episodes to rewatch and made a dozen little suggestions that she probably thinks were no big deal but that made all the difference in the world to me, and who just generally made me feel like maybe I could pull this thing off.

password: shining

All comments and feedback are welcome, either here or via email (heresluck at gmail dot com).

ETA: killabeez has done an amazing commentary on The Test for the vid_commentary community.
Tags: movie: stxi, tv: star trek tos, vid: the test, vids: announcements
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